Factor X (Full Run)


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The following issues are included in this bundle:

  • Factor X Issue #1 (2 copies)
  • Factor X Issue #2
  • Factor X Issue #3
  • Factor X Issue #4

Factor X consists of the Elite Mutant Force, who serve Apocalypse. They are split into five sibling groups: Cyclos and Havok (Scott and Alex Summers), Emplate and the M twins (Marius and Nicole & Claudette St. Croix), Cannonball and Amazon (Sam and Elizabeth Guthrie), the Bedlam Brothers (Jesee and Terrence Aaronson), and Aurora and Northstar (Jean-Marie and Jean-Paul Beaubier). The EMF is tasked with maintaining control of Apocalypse's breeding pens, where people are imprisoned, tortured, and experimented on by the dark Beast, also a member of the EMF.

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